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Our residential plumber services are the best available in Springfield MO. A plumbing issue can cause a great deal of stress and inconvenience for homeowners. We understand residential plumbing issues can’t wait, which is why our team is prepared to offer the same dedication and service to your home as they would to their own.

There is nothing our expert plumbers can’t do. Your commercial plumber from Reliable Plumbing is dedicated to offering you the same quick response, competitive pricing, and honest assessment you receive from us for your commercial plumbing issues. Not just any plumber can transfer their services so seamlessly.

A plumber is tradesperson who specializes in installing and maintaining systems used for potable (drinking) water, sewage and drainage in plumbing systems.   

The word "plumber" dates from the Roman Empire.[3] The Latin for lead is plumbum. Roman roofs used lead in conduits and drain pipes[4] and some were also covered with lead, lead was also used for piping and for making baths.[5] In medieval times anyone who worked with lead was referred to as a plumber as can be seen from an extract of workmen fixing a roof in Westminster Palace and were referred to as plumbers "To Gilbert de Westminster, plumber, working about the roof of the pantry of the little hall, covering it with lead, and about various defects in the roof of the little hall".[6] Thus a person with expertise in working with lead was first known as a Plumbarius which was later shortened to plumber.   

Plumbing activities

Plumber exiting a sewer via a manhole
Years of training and/or experience are needed to become a skilled plumber; some jurisdictions also require that plumbers be licensed.

Some needed skills, interests, and values. Protecting health and welfare of the nation is the top priority of a plumber along with,

Reading drawings, and specifications to determine layout of water supply, waste, and venting systems
Detecting faults in plumbing appliances and systems, and correctly diagnosing their causes
Installing, repairing and maintaining domestic, commercial, and industrial plumbing fixtures and systems
Locating and marking positions for pipe connections, passage holes, and fixtures in walls and floors
Measuring, cutting, bending, and threading pipes using hand and power tools or machines
Joining pipes and fittings together using soldering techniques, compression fittings, threaded fittings, and push-on fittings.
Testing pipes for leaks using air and water pressure gauges
Awareness of legal regulations and safety issues
Ensuring safety standards and building regulations are met.
Copper Piping
Hydronic heating system installation and maintenance.
ADA Compliance
Potable Water Systems
Sanitary Waste & Vent
Plumbing Code Compliance
Acid Waste
Grease trap interceptors (install)
Heating Water
Chill Water
Backflow Preventers
Natural Gas
Storm Drains
New Construction
Urinals (waterless and standard)
Flush Valves
Toilet Chair Carriers
Floor Drains
Floor Cleanouts
Combination waste & Vent
Floor Sinks
Operate a Plumber's Snake to unclog sanitary sewers & drains.
Perform a Pipeline Video Inspection of a sanitary sewer or drain.
Replace Sump Pumps & Install Sump Pit Basins.

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